…of slaves and SLACKERS!

        …But his master replied to him, “You evil, lazy slave!”Master (Matthew 25:26)

I think it’s pretty interesting that the Master called the servant who didn’t INVEST and MULTIPLY his ‘talents’ EVIL.

I mean, isn’t that a little ‘extreme?’

Lazy, maybe, I can totally see that,

…but EVIL!!!?

 ( …That’s like HARD CORE stuff! Those are like SERIOUS allegations you’re throwing there Mass’r!)

Does God place as high a premium on what we DON’T do as what we do?

WRITERS!!!…Will the INDICTMENT for NOT writing be as SEVERE as the one for writing say, FILTH?

SPEAKERS!!!…Will GOD’S judgement for NOT speaking be as SEVERE as the judgement for speaking PERVESITY?

CREATIVES!!!…Will your being held back by FEAR from giving CREATIVE EXPRESSION to the IDEAS and DREAMS God has ENTRUSTED you with accrue the same sentence as DESTROYING???






Like SERIOUSLY…NO excuse will EVER be good enough, because as SURELY as God is a businessman,
and an investor,

ACCOUNTABILITY IS COMING, for how you spend,


your TODAY!



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