…Of Sowing and ‘SOW-cumstances’

-Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord BLESSED him.                                                                            -Genesis 26:12
As the PROMISE SON of Abraham, from the cradle Isaac was probably taught the BENEFITS of the Abrahamic covenant that HE was to be the heir of.
He FULLY UNDERSTOOD that if the ECONOMIC CONDITIONS weren’t conducive to his TESTIMONY in the NATURAL, he had a RIGHT through his INHERITED COVENANT established by his Father Abraham to tap into the HEAVENLY ECONOMY in the SUPERNATURAL!
How could he reap merely NATURAL yields if his SOW-GAME had gone EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL?
The TURNAROUND had NO CHOICE but to be SUPERNATURAL, because the prime BENEFIT of sowing into the ‘DIVINE ECONOMY‘ is that the YIELDS are EXPONENTIAL, and the TURNAROUND isn’t limited by the confines of TIME.
Now it is IMPERATIVE for US to understand that what HE had through INHERITANCE, WE
So If your  ‘SOW-CUMSTANCES’ aren’t lining up in your favor, and you need MORE than a SEASONAL harvest, EXERCISE your blood purchased right as a SON and JOINT HEIR of the ‘RECESSION PROOF KINGDOM’, and TAP into the DIVINE economy!
IT says in the LATTER part of the scripture, and GOD blessed HIM! I really believe that SAME blessing (ON STEROIDS)  is still waiting to manifest itself to SONS who have learned to SOW above and beyond their SOW-cumstances!
WHAT do you need from God???
The RULES DON’T apply to you. SPEAK the WORD into your situation,
line the SITUATIONS surrounding your ILLUSIVE harvest with the TIMELESSNESS of GOD’s faithfulness and the INFALLIBILITY of HIS word and you can LITERALLY thrive in an ECONOMIC recession.
The RULES don’t apply to you, you have DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY from this WORLD ECONOMY!
You’ll be munching on WATERMELONS in WINTER!
That’s for someone who’s about to let the CIRCUMSTANCES surrounding their TEST steal the thunder of their TESTIMONY


One thought on “…Of Sowing and ‘SOW-cumstances’

  1. I recently heard that in a good Season the land of Gerar where Isaac sowed would yield 25-50 fold. That it would yield a hundredfold harvest in a time of famine is testament to the majesty and power of the God we serve.


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