Whats YOUR endgame..?

:We live in a VERY complex World, NOT that the world is very complex in and of itself, but because we are VERY complex beings, viewing it through very complex lenses. I believe this complexity originates from the fact that MAN is a TRIUNE being, an autonomous entity consisting of 3 intertwined yet structurally independent parts, SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY. I believe the secret to simplifying the complex demands of this World lies in us, (as individuals and as a species) learning the intricate workings of each of those 3 and bringing them into a state of equilibrium.


Ah, Balance. THAT is the clincher. THAT is the MAIN OBJECTIVE of this blog. To put THOSE 3 into practical perspective as we embark on this journey to FULLY comprehend, and therefore apprehend, the mysteries of LIFE, the complexities of LIBERTY, and expend our triune existences in a radical PURSUIT for GODLINESS.


Bon Voyage’



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