…Of Sowing and ‘SOW-cumstances’

-Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord BLESSED him.                                                                            -Genesis 26:12
As the PROMISE SON of Abraham, from the cradle Isaac was probably taught the BENEFITS of the Abrahamic covenant that HE was to be the heir of.
He FULLY UNDERSTOOD that if the ECONOMIC CONDITIONS weren’t conducive to his TESTIMONY in the NATURAL, he had a RIGHT through his INHERITED COVENANT established by his Father Abraham to tap into the HEAVENLY ECONOMY in the SUPERNATURAL!
How could he reap merely NATURAL yields if his SOW-GAME had gone EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL?
The TURNAROUND had NO CHOICE but to be SUPERNATURAL, because the prime BENEFIT of sowing into the ‘DIVINE ECONOMY‘ is that the YIELDS are EXPONENTIAL, and the TURNAROUND isn’t limited by the confines of TIME.
Now it is IMPERATIVE for US to understand that what HE had through INHERITANCE, WE
So If your  ‘SOW-CUMSTANCES’ aren’t lining up in your favor, and you need MORE than a SEASONAL harvest, EXERCISE your blood purchased right as a SON and JOINT HEIR of the ‘RECESSION PROOF KINGDOM’, and TAP into the DIVINE economy!
IT says in the LATTER part of the scripture, and GOD blessed HIM! I really believe that SAME blessing (ON STEROIDS)  is still waiting to manifest itself to SONS who have learned to SOW above and beyond their SOW-cumstances!
WHAT do you need from God???
The RULES DON’T apply to you. SPEAK the WORD into your situation,
line the SITUATIONS surrounding your ILLUSIVE harvest with the TIMELESSNESS of GOD’s faithfulness and the INFALLIBILITY of HIS word and you can LITERALLY thrive in an ECONOMIC recession.
The RULES don’t apply to you, you have DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY from this WORLD ECONOMY!
You’ll be munching on WATERMELONS in WINTER!
That’s for someone who’s about to let the CIRCUMSTANCES surrounding their TEST steal the thunder of their TESTIMONY


…of slaves and SLACKERS!

        …But his master replied to him, “You evil, lazy slave!”Master (Matthew 25:26)

I think it’s pretty interesting that the Master called the servant who didn’t INVEST and MULTIPLY his ‘talents’ EVIL.

I mean, isn’t that a little ‘extreme?’

Lazy, maybe, I can totally see that,

…but EVIL!!!?

 ( …That’s like HARD CORE stuff! Those are like SERIOUS allegations you’re throwing there Mass’r!)

Does God place as high a premium on what we DON’T do as what we do?

WRITERS!!!…Will the INDICTMENT for NOT writing be as SEVERE as the one for writing say, FILTH?

SPEAKERS!!!…Will GOD’S judgement for NOT speaking be as SEVERE as the judgement for speaking PERVESITY?

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…Of Women and Waiting,

I don’t think the Triune counsel of the GODHEAD was talking about the recreational challenges of Adam in the garden when it stated

“It is NOT good for Man to be alone” -T.C.G

I BELIEVE as long as the unfiltered presence of God Almighty was in that garden, Adam was literally INCAPABLE of ‘feeling‘ loneliness!

Yet I feel like we as the “well wishing church” have warped that initial statement to mean

“It is NOT good for MAN to be LONELY”

…and used it to BASH all ‘overage‘ singles!


If you are going to MISUSE scripture,
to ABUSE me, then the LEAST you can do is use the RIGHT club!

Give me a ‘noble’ death!

SEE, I believe in that single statement in Genesis 2:18, God wasn’t just musing aloud, but LITERALLY giving a ‘DIAGNOSTIC SUMMARY’ of the fate of the ENTIRE species, by saying

“it is NOT good for Man to lack the CAPACITY to REPRODUCE/RECREATE and fulfill my original and ULTIMATE purpose for his initial creation by BEING alone, “-T.C.G

so to remedy this handicap, The divine HE took the ‘RIB’ out of Adam to create the SOLUTION to the apparent SOLITUDE, NOT of the MAN, but of the potential MANY.

I believe the ‘RIB’ wasn’t the biological component of Man’s skeletal system as we scientifically interpret it today, but rather it was an intimate part of man, symbolic of Man’s most crippling inadequacy.

The inability to RECREATE.

The incapacity to literally spawn a species.

So he put him to sleep, took everything the MAN lacked OUT of the MAN, and used it as a MOLD to ‘fashion‘ for him an ‘animate component’ to make HIM fully complete through HER,

So that as the ‘UNITED FRONT’ called THEM, THEY (as a WHOLE) could MEET the requirements of Gods ultimate mandate of FRUITFULNESS,



and SUBJUGATION outlined in Genesis 1:28.

…God said unto them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it!”

He LITERALLY made him a ‘help‘, MEET ( perfectly fitted) for the propagation and fulfillment of HIS (GOD’S) divine mandate.

The woman was created OUT of need, to FILL a need ( that’s why women are such fixers methinks).

The woman was created OUT of solitude, to REMEDY solitude.

The woman was created OUT of potential, to FULFILL potential.

With that said, if a woman is SUCH a strategic creation,

created to fulfill  such a STRATEGIC and SPECIFIC purpose. I PERSONALLY believe I can afford to take a decade, or 3 to ‘watch‘ and pray to make sure God brings me the RIGHT one!

Now, If the woman was MINE on the other hand,

MINE in every sense of the word.

MINE NOT as an entrustment,

but MINE as a ‘disposablemeans and mere accessory to the selfish end of fulfilling MY pleasure and for the execution of and realization of MY personal ambitions and plans then hey, I could rely on my wisdom and my volition and criterion to pick one,

ANY one, the closest one.

The prettier the better! and quite literally, LIVE IT UP!


to PARTNER with me to strategically fulfill a concise purpose,

DIVINELY authored and authorized before the foundation of the world by God ALMIGHTY, then hey,

YOU drew the blueprints God,

YOU know which woman I need to partner with to fulfill them,

so YOU choose.

And like you did with my prototypical ancestor, Adam

YOU bring her to me!

Thank you, and Amen!



…Of Revelation and Revenue,

PSALM 145:16 You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing

GOD is the ULTIMATE source! That means if he has NOT in his sovereignty chosen to OPEN his hand, and SATISFY our desires as living things then no amount of ‘manipulative’ praying will pry those hands open methinks.
I believe true REST comes when we begin to recalibrate our mindsets through HIS word to the default of trusting that his PRUDENCE and his PROVISION will intersect at the point of our deepest need and our desires will be SATISFIED.

On HIS terms,
On HIS timing.

So many times we try to MANIPULATE God through prayers and scripture quoting into initiating HIS divine plan for our lives on OUR timing, which undermines the very essence of the concept of TRUST.

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…Of Promises and Pragmatism… (Part 1)

Proverbs 3:9-10
“Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy vats shall overflow with new wine.

Proverbs 3:9 ...- HONOR the LORD with thy SUBSTANCE.

Proverbs  3:10 …-So Shall your BARNS be filled with PLENTY.

Proverbs 3:10b …your VATS will overflow with NEW wine!