…Of Sowing and Sentiment, (My BAD Science on the ART of taking up/giving offering :)

We’ve ALL experienced it. A ROCKING service, the worship was PHENOMENAL, atmosphere ELECTRIC, Its REALLY shaping up to be the BEST SERVICE EVER!

THAT is, until the M.C takes the mic and makes that dreaded announcement…

“…Turn to your neighbor and say, Its TIME FOR THE OFFERING..,”

and all of a sudden ATMOSPHERIC KILLSWITCH!
…and ‘AWKWARD’ walks in to his universal theme song of…crickets, wearing nothing but a stupid smile, a Yellow Viking hat and a giant CLOCK. ( and everybody mutters under their breath….Awwwkwaaard!)

So Why does the AIR get sucked out of a room and it suddenly gets super awkward when it’s time to take up an offering?

I believe its because of my following bad science. Bear with me, and if anything, take away the sentiment and not the science of my post. (Since I’m clearly not a scientist) I mean, what scientist is busy blogging on a Saturday morning and not curing cancer?

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…Of Revelation and Revenue,

PSALM 145:16 You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing

GOD is the ULTIMATE source! That means if he has NOT in his sovereignty chosen to OPEN his hand, and SATISFY our desires as living things then no amount of ‘manipulative’ praying will pry those hands open methinks.
I believe true REST comes when we begin to recalibrate our mindsets through HIS word to the default of trusting that his PRUDENCE and his PROVISION will intersect at the point of our deepest need and our desires will be SATISFIED.

On HIS terms,
On HIS timing.

So many times we try to MANIPULATE God through prayers and scripture quoting into initiating HIS divine plan for our lives on OUR timing, which undermines the very essence of the concept of TRUST.

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…Of Money and Mindsets,


Because MONEY ( pronounced MOOLAAAH) is still such a touchy subject in the Church, and in society in general, I decided to ask people a baseline question just to get their most generic perspective on it, and it got kinda fun. So I asked random people to narrow MONEY down to the 1 THING they think it gives YOU as a person, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status or any other randomizing factors. The results from my diverse sample pool were almost unanimous! 

1# on the list was OPTIONS!

2# SECURITY (distant second)

3# Whole bunch of ‘’ what the heck’s ”

4# The ‘UNIQUE’ prize went to the answer WOMEN! ( which popped up more than once surprisingly)
-Could explain my ongoing and extremely involuntary 😉 bachelorhood status, but That’s for another day.

P.S…(-Once the resources become available, I will actually film and post the street interviews, They are a very enlightening and often hilarious look at our societal value systems 🙂 )

Now, CONGRATS to ‘’OPTIONS” for winning the peoples Choice Award (WHOOHOO!) 

, and even though I agree to an extent, I feel like this wasn’t necessarily the 1 THING we could distill the main product of money to, and have EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the WORLD regardless of demography agree, Sooo..

 Heres MY opinion!

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