…of POSITIONS and Dispositions..,

Psalm 7:17 “I will praise the Lord according to ‘HIS’ righteousness!”

For the longest time SHAME has taught me I CANNOT lift up HOLY hands in worship based on what those hands were DOING prior! And that has kept my hands shackled to my side through the most moving worship experiences.

The FACT that it’s HIS righteousness and not my ACTS that should be the basis of my Worship has just SET ME FREE, and given PROFOUND SIGNIFICANCE to Jesus’ GAME CHANGING statement…”IT IS FINISHED”.

My SHAME is finished.

My REMORSE is finished.

My SELF AWARENESS is finished.

My DRY WORSHIP is finished.

Frankly….my ‘MY’ is finished!

It’s ALL from him. It’s ALL about him.Now THAT’S liberating!

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…Of SONS and Sunstoppers,

“…HIS Son, whom he hath appointed HEIR of all things,

1:4… he hath by INHERITANCE obtained a more excellent name than the Angels…” –Hebrews 1:2

SITUATION, SICKNESS, DEATH, DEMONS  and HELL don’t respond when PEOPLE call the name of Jesus.

They RESPOND when SONS and DAUGHTERS namedrop!

I can go to England and SCREAM the Queen‘s name at their Army/Police/Navy ALL day and nothing will ever happen…

But the moment I get ADOPTED by PRINCE CHARLES, who INHERITED the name…

I merely whisper my heritage, and things start movin‘ and shakin‘.

See what JESUS got by INHERITANCE, We PARTAKE of through ADOPTION,

And the confident EXPRESSION of THAT realization lived out in PRACTICAL ways , in our EVERYDAY CONTEXTS is the ESSENCE of true SONSHIP!

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…of Lives and Legacies,


He that walketh in his uprightness feareth the LORD: but he that is perverse in his ways DESPISETH him.”

There is GRACE when we SIN, but ‘grace‘ used in this context is purely REMEDIAL.

Now HOLINESS on the other hand, with the FEAR of the LORD as its natural expression is ENTIRELY preemptive.

EVEN though there is grace and forgiveness for my ‘morally questionable’ or outright BAD choices,
That forgiveness STILL doesn’t ALTER THE FACT that my definitive behavioral patterns DESPISE the LORD, and that my track record, and underlying LEGACY neither pleases nor is an accurate representation of (Elo)HIM.

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