…Of SONS and Servants,

You can do a SELF ASSESSMENT of whether you’re SON or SERVANT minded by noting HOW you approach GOD the FATHER after you SIN!

SONS have an ABIDING CONSCIOUSNESS of the fact that NO SIN has the power to infringe on their IDENTITY as SONS, because SYNONYMOUS with SONSHIP is the KNOWLEDGE that forgiveness, is not a PUNISHMENT (OR PENANCE), but a simple CONFESSION away.

And should our misACTIONS incur CONSEQUENCES, SONS are able to bear those with the KNOWLEDGE that on the OTHER SIDE of the consequence lies guaranteed RESTORATION, and a consequent closer RELATIONSHIP with the FATHER.

Whether you MESS UP, or you DRESS UP, if you have the Father’s D.N.A, you ALWAYS end up in the Father’s  LOVING embrace, which a SERVANT will NEVER get after his BEST performance!

On your WORST day as a SON, you outrank a servant SON to NONE!

SERVANTHOOD never brings TRUE EMPOWERMENT because for servants, EVERYTHING from their occupancy of the house to PROXIMITY to the Master, rises and falls on PERFORMANCE,

but SONSHIP on the other hand, that GLORIOUS PRIVILEGE we were handed on THIS side of the cross, procures the REWARDS of SERVANTS as our RIGHTS,

as SONS! 🙂





…Of SONS and Sunstoppers,

“…HIS Son, whom he hath appointed HEIR of all things,

1:4… he hath by INHERITANCE obtained a more excellent name than the Angels…” –Hebrews 1:2

SITUATION, SICKNESS, DEATH, DEMONS  and HELL don’t respond when PEOPLE call the name of Jesus.

They RESPOND when SONS and DAUGHTERS namedrop!

I can go to England and SCREAM the Queen‘s name at their Army/Police/Navy ALL day and nothing will ever happen…

But the moment I get ADOPTED by PRINCE CHARLES, who INHERITED the name…

I merely whisper my heritage, and things start movin‘ and shakin‘.

See what JESUS got by INHERITANCE, We PARTAKE of through ADOPTION,

And the confident EXPRESSION of THAT realization lived out in PRACTICAL ways , in our EVERYDAY CONTEXTS is the ESSENCE of true SONSHIP!

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