…Of Pursuit and Proverbs 31 Women

I personally think the MOST attractive thing about the PROVERBS 31 Woman is her AUTONOMY!
Her ability to MAKE things happen gloriously independent of the MAN!
Now, If this is unattractive to you as an aspiring Bachelor, (or as a man in general) then move right along ( Nothing to see here),
because in all candor, Her INDEPENDENCE Is a trait only KINGS and people already secure in their IDENTITY could truly appreciate, be totally drawn to and not be in the least INTIMIDATED by.
Now, In order for us to fully understand WHAT the impressive quality of traits in this EXTRAORDINARY woman were for, we need to understand the PREMISE of that passage of scripture.
This was an intimate MOTHER and SON conversation,
a QUEEN to PRINCE rapport about the KIND of Man he was to be,
and based on his EXTRAORDINARY calling, she went on to outline the PERFECT woman for the JUST King.
( as ‘maternal matchmaking’ tends to be the inevitable norm with Mother and Son conversations about the Son’s future,)
Now I don’t mean ‘perfect‘ in the general and objective sense of the word, but subjectively PERFECT. Perfect for HIS context, and in light of HIS duties to the THRONE.  So from DEFAULT, Proverbs 31 is a ‘manifesto‘ of the IDEAL TRAITS of a FUTURE QUEEN,
Ergo, ( at the risk of redundancy), if you’re a COMMON MAN, looking for a COMMON HOUSEWIFE, The Proverbs 31 Gal is NOT FOR YOU BUBBA!!!!

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…Of Revelation and Revenue,

PSALM 145:16 You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing

GOD is the ULTIMATE source! That means if he has NOT in his sovereignty chosen to OPEN his hand, and SATISFY our desires as living things then no amount of ‘manipulative’ praying will pry those hands open methinks.
I believe true REST comes when we begin to recalibrate our mindsets through HIS word to the default of trusting that his PRUDENCE and his PROVISION will intersect at the point of our deepest need and our desires will be SATISFIED.

On HIS terms,
On HIS timing.

So many times we try to MANIPULATE God through prayers and scripture quoting into initiating HIS divine plan for our lives on OUR timing, which undermines the very essence of the concept of TRUST.

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