…Of Sowing and Sentiment, (My BAD Science on the ART of taking up/giving offering :)

We’ve ALL experienced it. A ROCKING service, the worship was PHENOMENAL, atmosphere ELECTRIC, Its REALLY shaping up to be the BEST SERVICE EVER!

THAT is, until the M.C takes the mic and makes that dreaded announcement…

“…Turn to your neighbor and say, Its TIME FOR THE OFFERING..,”

and all of a sudden ATMOSPHERIC KILLSWITCH!
…and ‘AWKWARD’ walks in to his universal theme song of…crickets, wearing nothing but a stupid smile, a Yellow Viking hat and a giant CLOCK. ( and everybody mutters under their breath….Awwwkwaaard!)

So Why does the AIR get sucked out of a room and it suddenly gets super awkward when it’s time to take up an offering?

I believe its because of my following bad science. Bear with me, and if anything, take away the sentiment and not the science of my post. (Since I’m clearly not a scientist) I mean, what scientist is busy blogging on a Saturday morning and not curing cancer?

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…of POSITIONS and Dispositions..,

Psalm 7:17 “I will praise the Lord according to ‘HIS’ righteousness!”

For the longest time SHAME has taught me I CANNOT lift up HOLY hands in worship based on what those hands were DOING prior! And that has kept my hands shackled to my side through the most moving worship experiences.

The FACT that it’s HIS righteousness and not my ACTS that should be the basis of my Worship has just SET ME FREE, and given PROFOUND SIGNIFICANCE to Jesus’ GAME CHANGING statement…”IT IS FINISHED”.

My SHAME is finished.

My REMORSE is finished.

My SELF AWARENESS is finished.

My DRY WORSHIP is finished.

Frankly….my ‘MY’ is finished!

It’s ALL from him. It’s ALL about him.Now THAT’S liberating!

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